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Crafted luxury bedding, honestly priced.

Work hard, play hard and sleep better. We are young professionals who know what we like and value in life. We work hard, and play hard. After a long day in the office, surfing at the beach, trekking in the mountains or a night out, we want to recharge wrapped in the highest quality bedding at an affordable price point so we can sleep better… which led us to creating Loomstead.
It’s time to take pride in your bed, you spend a third of your life there.
Natural Fibers as Natural as your Passion for Life…

We started Loomstead based on three core principles.

  1. Offer the highest quality products that meet our uncompromising standards.
  2. Control the manufacturing process to ensure the highest standards are upheld.
  3. Cut out the middle man and work directly with you, our valued customer.


The longevity of Belgian Flax Linen and Egyptian cotton products we purvey shows our commitment to lessening the impact on our environment. Linen is derived from the flax plant which requires less water, pesticides and herbicides for its production. Because it’s a natural fiber it is biodegradable and can be recycled. Linen is also allergy free. Both our cotton and linen are of the strictest environmental standards.


We have taken extra care in making sure that we deliver the highest quality for the most affordable price. We found some of the most luxurious and sustainable fabrics, Belgian Flax Linen & long staple Egyptian Cotton, and turned them into simple designs perfect for modern living. We don’t believe in compromising quality; our sheets and duvet sets are made of the finest materials to deliver an incredibly soft, crisp, and comfortable experience.



We have a hands-on relationship with our factories. We are directly involved with them, from design, to quality control, to ethical practices of our production process. Shipped directly to your doorstep, we eliminate brick and mortar expenses and are able to pass on the savings to you!