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Why is Bamboo so amazing?

Bamboo bedding is something most people are not familiar with. When you think of bedding, you typically think Cotton, Linen and Silk. Times have changed and it is important to keep up on all that is new! We want to introduce you to Bamboo, the new and cool bedding. Bamboo is eco-friendly and sustainable, it’s grown without harmful chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides. Bamboo is not only one of the fastest growing plants, but it also does not need the typical fertilizers and pesticides that other plants do.

Similar to linen, bamboo bedding is hypoallergenic. This is great for people with allergies or people who are sensitive to chemicals in their fabrics. The fact that bamboo bedding is hypoallergenic and also breathable should be enough to seal the deal on buying a set today, but we haven’t even mentioned our favorite quality about it. Bamboo is INCREDIBLY soft! Most people cannot believe the level of comfort they experience when getting under a bamboo duvet or jumping into some fresh bamboo sheets. Also do not worry about only using your bamboo sheets for one season, they are very versatile and easily works with any season. 

For our customers who have come into our bedding shop in Culver City, CA, just the simple touch of our bamboo sheets or duvets is all it takes to convince them to buy it. With selling online, we aren’t able to share that amazing feeling with you here, but we do offer swatches of our fabrics which can help. It is safe to say that almost everyone who has bought a set of the Bamboo has loved it and came back for more. So with all this information about Bamboo and just how incredible soft and breathable it is, what will be your bedding pick? We hope you give bamboo a try, it’s great on its own and also fun to layer with the cotton or linen Loomstead bedding you already have!

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