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Shopping Smart for Luxury Bedding: A Few Do's and Don’ts

Struggling to get a good night’s rest should never be a challenge. Thankfully, a few key factors to ensure a deep slumber can all be easily acquired. You want the right temperature in your room along with peace and quiet, but what about a set of comfortable bed sheets? The importance of the type of sheets on your bed should not be discounted. When it comes to purchasing bed sheets, always consider the product details and specifications, and be willing to invest in a high-quality set. Indulging yourself in the best bedding on the market will ensure you are enveloped in softness and comfort for a restful night. 

Always factor in not only what products were used to create your bed sheets, but also how they were created. The luxury bedding from Loomstead utilize Belgian Flax Linen and Egyptian cotton, which are not only easy on the environment but sustainable as well. By using the flax plant, less water, pollutants and pesticides are needed, thus benefiting not only the environment but you too. The cotton and linen from Loomstead are also biodegradable and produced according to the highest standards for the environment.

Luxury doesn't mean difficult upkeep with extra steps that other products don't require. Always make sure to purchase products that are going to be reasonable for you to maintain. Our Belgian Flax Linen and Egyptian cotton are all easy to care for and can be put right into the washing machine like other bedding. 

The excellent night of sleep that you deserve cannot happen on just any set of sheets. Once you try a set of luxury bedding you will notice how it changes the rest of your life as well. Feeling rested means you'll be more productive at work and at home as well. Others around you will notice the improvement in your appearance and in your moods. You will feel so much better in your new well-rested lifestyle. The way we sleep and the amount we sleep overflows into all kinds of areas in our everyday lives. If luxury bed sheets seem like an unnecessary indulgence, just remember, you’re worth it. 

Experts say we spend about a third of our lives in our beds. When something spends that much time next to your skin you want it to be the very best. Spending it on a set of comfortable bed sheets isn’t too much to ask for, it’s what you deserve. Until you spend a night on luxury bedding you won't know what a difference it will make in your own life. 

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