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Loomstead in Hunker:
Navy is the New Black!

Thank you Hunker for including us as someone who is on top of the navy trend! :) 

 13 Items That Prove Navy Is the New Black

There's a reason why classic jeans come in navy blue — it's a timeless choice that seems to go with every type of wardrobe. And the same can be said about the shade within a home: its versatility can complement nearly any style at any budget. From the rustic textures of a farmhouse look to the sleek appearance of a minimalistic approach, navy can provide depth to a design that falls between the trendiness of gray and the moodiness of black. Don't be afraid to see for yourself: start off with some new kitchenware or a pair of lamps, and then work your way up to new furniture or tiles. We've rounded up 13 items that'll make this your future go-to hue.

Linen Duvet Set

In the market for new bedding? Try a linen duvet set from Loomstead ( starting at $199 ). Pair the indigo duvet with the crispest set of white sheets, and you'll look forward to your bedtime routine every night.

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