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Last Minute Spring Cleaning

With summer officially starting in less than one month, it’s time to finally start that spring cleaning. Of all the rooms in your home, the bedroom is where you end your day and start it, so this is the room that needs your attention. Check out our quick tip bedroom guide for an easy to accomplish Spring Cleaning.

First let’s start with the most important thing, your bed. Collect your duvet cover, sheets, throws, pillow covers, comforter and bed skirt. You’ll definitely want to check your care labels and then wash accordingly. While hanging around waiting for the laundry, try rotating your mattress. It’s recommended to flip or rotate a mattress every 3-12 months, but you can look up your mattress company’s website for a better timeline.

Avoid being a hoarder. While spring cleaning is a great time to clean all your bedding and rotate that mattress, don’t forget about the rest of your room. Grab that vacuum, some cleaning products and a trash bag. Let’s get rid of the unnecessary things. Spring cleaning is a great time to fill a bag with things that are no longer your style. You can place them in a bag and donate them or sell them to the local thrift shop. When the closet is a little less cramped, make sure to get all over your room with those cleaning supplies. Since this is your bedroom, we recommend using natural and organic cleaning products.

Now that your room is looking clean and less cluttered, let’s do some inspecting before putting all the covers back on your bed. If those pillows are over 6 months old, take a close look and make sure they are still looking new. Have you heard of the fold test? For down filled pillows, fold the pillow in half and then let it go. You should see it slowly go back to its normal shape. For Down alternative pillows, fold it in half and the pillow should spring back quickly. Memory foam pillows are a bit tougher with the folding test. Some other ways to tell if it’s time for a new pillow are if it has a mildew scent, is clumpy or is over 18 months old.

Mission Accomplished! With summer around the corner, you can be confident your bedroom will be ready for the season change. We hope the bedroom cleaning inspires a full home spring cleaning, but at least you know you got the most important part done. If you’ve read this post and feel like it’s time for a bedding change, summer is definitely the season for linen. Go check out some new linen sheets and duvet covers on Loomstead today!

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