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Get to know Loomstead!

Loomstead is crafted with the notion that we all benefit from a better night of sleep. But beyond just that, your bedding needs to provide you with the opportunity to unwind, relax, gather, rejuvenate, create, love, ponder, explore, reminisce, dream, slumber, refresh, etc, etc etc, etc!!

Loomstead wants you to never “wake up on the wrong side of the bed”. Our motive is simple. We understand the bedding industry from top to bottom. We have studied how numerous companies profit off of ridiculous markups due to too many people in the supply chain. This markup is due to the traditional way of Western business where a manufacturer supplying middlemen sales people and brick and mortar stores overcompensate their costs by additionally adding a ridiculous mark up.

We at Loomstead deliver crafted product directly to you. Our designs echo natural vibes with European roots. This clean and crisp look is also complemented by the loftiness, durability, and breathability of European sourced linen. All of the products we offer are of the strictest environmental standards. Our goal here at Loomstead is too curate a bundled bedding shopping experience for your ease. Let us offer you one-of-a-kind bedding selections above par; the “rest” is up to you ;)

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