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Flat Sheet or No Sheet??
That is the Question!

One of the most common questions I get asked is whether you need a Flat Sheet (or Top Sheet). I was always positive that Flat Sheets are absolutely necessary until I started asking around. I love the feel and comfort because it’s what I grew up using, and if hotels have them, then who’s to question the logic?
After long debates about this and trying to prove my friends wrong (yes, I have a problem with my opinions not being accepted by all…), I decided to dig deeper into the world of the Internet. The google search phrase was “should I use a flat sheet?” This opened up a vast array of debates and answers which proved that there is not a simple answer. It seems to be an ongoing argument for years, decades or maybe even since the first bed was ever made! My friends find it tedious and just one more item to throw in the wash. But with many apartments and newer homes, you do have the luxury of a washing machine in your room or at least close by, so that does help.
However, there are many opinions that validated my argument on needing a flat sheet. FIRST, it adds a bit of coziness for chillier nights since it’s an extra layer. SECOND, it helps keep the top bedding cleaner. AND THIRD, it finishes the bed off in a very stylish way. If that doesn’t sway you towards being pro-Flat Sheet, many European countries like to only use flat sheets and skip the rest during the Summer. This definitely sounds like the type of Summer living I want to partake in. Less to wash and a cooler bed on hot Summer days!
From my 10+ years in the bedding world, I always thought I had the right answer. I’ve told everyone a Flat Sheet was not debatable and guess what, I still feel the same. Sure you can save a minute in the morning while making your bed, but is it ever worth not coming home to a perfect looking bed? In this world of constantly striving for excellence and never “settling”, don’t let the place you start your day and end in be where you settle. Am I crazy and alone in thinking this way? Maybe…
Luckily, you don’t have to worry! We still sell our Flat Sheets separate. So whether you’re looking to match the bedding, mix up colors or just don’t do Flat Sheets, you get the final decision. With the decision in your hands, let me know how you prefer your
perfect bed!

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