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Direct-to-Consumer is the Loomstead Way

We researched different strains of European linen, Egyptian cotton, weave patterns, textures, dyes, and stone washing to create our current collection of products.

By implementing direct-to-consumer sales, we are able to keep all of our products in stock, providing you the full line to choose from. We are also able to guarantee that all of our products are genuinely Loomstead, eliminating the risk of inferior knock-offs.

One of the primary benefits for us in our direct-to-consumer model is the ability to have full control over our product and the brand. By maintaining a close relationship with our factories, we are able to ensure that the manufacturing of our product matches up with our ethics and is always of the highest quality.

Beyond our relationship with our factories, direct-to-consumer sales allows us to control the marketing of our products and our brand. This guarantees that our product is accurately advertised and that all advertising stays true to our mission.

Customer Relations

Our favorite part of going direct-to-consumer is that it allows us to establish a relationship with you, our valued customer. We enjoy talking with our customers and sharing the benefits of our brand and assisting with selecting the perfect products for you, creating the best customer experience possible.

Loomstead is here to make your life more comfortable, restful and serene.

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