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6 Ways to Update Your Bedding for Fall!

1. Layer Textures - Cold weather calls for multiple layers, so it makes sense that layering instantly adds warmth to the room. Piles of pillows are incredibly enticing, especially when placed on top of several layers of sheets & blankets. Add a throw on top of it all for a bed that will make you sleep well despite any weather. Linen adds warmth and a touch of luxury to any bedroom. By incorporating different textures like knits and quilts to a room, you create an interesting aesthetic and your bed looks and feels more cozy.

2. Cozy, yet casual - The colder months are all about comfort when more hours will be spent indoors reading and sipping a warm beverage, so it’s okay if your bed doesn’t look perfect everyday. Plus, wrinkled sheets add texture!

3. Warmer, darker colors - Your choice of color can help you achieve your goal of creating a warm environment. The color sets the mood for the whole room, so use it strategically. If you don’t want to change your bedding, add a few warm-toned throw pillows against a white or cream backdrop to easily add a cozy feel. And if rich tones aren’t your style or you prefer neutrals, swap out your white pillows for navy blue, blush, or dark gray.

4. Pile on pillows - In the cooler months, more is more when it comes to pillows. Consider adding a set of Euro pillows with your standard shams to give the bed a finished, designer look and make snuggling in bed extra comfy with a chunky throw!

5. Switch out sheets - Now’s the time to switch out classic cotton sheets for something a little more heavy-duty. We love linen for its soft, airy texture and its ability to keep you comfortably warm.

6. Add a new scent to the room. Our Amber & Suede candle is a wonderful Fall fragrance. The scent of amber brings warmth with its amber resin and sandalwood tones, while the scent of suede brings tones of musk and leather to this candle.  


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