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Are You Ready for Fall!

Seasons are changing! ...and so should your bedding!
Change your insert from Light-Weight to All-Season
for a cozier, comfier, warmer nights sleep. 
An all-season duvet insert is filled with more down & feathers to
keep you much warmer during the fall and winter months. 
Want to update your duvet as well?
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Domino Loves Us for Fall!!

Thank you Domino Magazine for including us a one of the "7 Duvets That Were Made for a Fall Refresh"!   We too think our linen duvet sets are perfect for fall, chilly weather!  

CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE - 7 Duvets That Were Made for a Fall Refresh

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Claire Brody from Claire Brody Designs

Claire Brody is an interior designer from Austin, Texas. She specializes in providing unique and one of a kind spaces on an affordable budget.  



Recently she did a beautiful update to her guest bedroom and used Loomstead linen!
Here are a couple of the before and after photos. 


Our white linen duvet set looks beautiful in this bright, eclectic room! 


Click HERE to see Claire's entire room reveal! 



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Loomstead in H.D. Buttercup

We are so excited to announce that we have opened a store in H.D. Buttercup - Culver City, California! For the past couple months we've had many clients that want to touch or feel our bedding, and basically just see it up close and in person! H.D. provides the perfect place for our California customers to do so. Our goal is to be able to bring you our bedding collections at the best price and in the most convenient way. We hope that H.D Buttercup will allow everyone that opportunity. Come stop by! :)

H.D. Buttercup
3225 Helms Ave.
 Los Angeles, CA 90034 

Thank you Home & Textiles Today for the nice write up regarding our move into H.D. Buttercup!   Read the entire article HERE on their site!

Los Angeles – Loomstead is adding a soft side to H.D. Buttercup’s merchandise mix.

In its first brick-and-mortar presence, the online luxury linens retailer and designer in late July debuted its new shop-in-a-shop concept in the seven-unit California chain’s Culver City location.

 Sam Leiaghat, founder, told POSH Loomstead originally launched as an online retailer, "but quickly began getting numerous inquires from clients and customers about how the product felt. Always offering free returns to ensure that everyone who purchases Loomstead bedding is 100% satisfied, we thought that having our product available in a brick-and-mortar location would be a great way to offer an even more convenient shopping experience."

 He said Loomstead opted to parter with H.D. buttercup, "not only because it’s an reputable home decor store, but because we are also a Los Angeles based company, and it was very important for us to partner with a another local business."

Loomstead’s merchandise mix comprises bedding – including sheets, pillowcases, duvets, shams, coverlets and bed skirts – all made sustainably of Belgian flax linen and long-staple Egyptian cotton. The company's complete line is available at H.D. Buttercup.

-Written by Cecile Corral

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Loomstead in Hunker:
Navy is the New Black!

Thank you Hunker for including us as someone who is on top of the navy trend! :) 

 13 Items That Prove Navy Is the New Black

There's a reason why classic jeans come in navy blue — it's a timeless choice that seems to go with every type of wardrobe. And the same can be said about the shade within a home: its versatility can complement nearly any style at any budget. From the rustic textures of a farmhouse look to the sleek appearance of a minimalistic approach, navy can provide depth to a design that falls between the trendiness of gray and the moodiness of black. Don't be afraid to see for yourself: start off with some new kitchenware or a pair of lamps, and then work your way up to new furniture or tiles. We've rounded up 13 items that'll make this your future go-to hue.

Linen Duvet Set

In the market for new bedding? Try a linen duvet set from Loomstead ( starting at $199 ). Pair the indigo duvet with the crispest set of white sheets, and you'll look forward to your bedtime routine every night.

CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE - 13 Items That Prove Navy Is the New Black

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