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Wanderlust Event

Last week, we had another one of our wonderful Relax & Unwind events! At these events we bring together friends, ambassadors, influencers, and press for an amazingly fun and relaxing day.  
The purpose of this event was for each person in attendance to take back one thing that could help them have a more relaxing time going to bed or an easier time getting up in the morning. In our busy lives, it's important to learn how to create a calm headspace, sleep better, and deal with our stresses in a healthy way, hence we call our events Relax & Unwind. 
This time we partnered up with Wanderlust HollywoodWanderlust is a beautiful space and community of like-minded Yogis that hold many events from "concerts to nutrition, meditation to film screenings, wine tastings to kombucha making" 
We started out our morning with a lovely yoga session taught by Luna Pierson. Followed by a delicious and healthy brunch of gluten free waffles, avo toast, organic fruits, coffee & OJ made in Wanderlust's very own cafe. 
We ended the event with a raffle where we gave away a Bamboo Sheet Set, a Bamboo Duvet Set, and also a year long membership to Wanderlust
It was a beautiful event with a wonderful group of people. 
For information on how to attend our next event, contact or follow us on social media - @LOOMSTEAD


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Flat Sheet or No Sheet??
That is the Question!

One of the most common questions I get asked is whether you need a Flat Sheet (or Top Sheet). I was always positive that Flat Sheets are absolutely necessary until I started asking around. I love the feel and comfort because it’s what I grew up using, and if hotels have them, then who’s to question the logic?
After long debates about this and trying to prove my friends wrong (yes, I have a problem with my opinions not being accepted by all…), I decided to dig deeper into the world of the Internet. The google search phrase was “should I use a flat sheet?” This opened up a vast array of debates and answers which proved that there is not a simple answer. It seems to be an ongoing argument for years, decades or maybe even since the first bed was ever made! My friends find it tedious and just one more item to throw in the wash. But with many apartments and newer homes, you do have the luxury of a washing machine in your room or at least close by, so that does help.
However, there are many opinions that validated my argument on needing a flat sheet. FIRST, it adds a bit of coziness for chillier nights since it’s an extra layer. SECOND, it helps keep the top bedding cleaner. AND THIRD, it finishes the bed off in a very stylish way. If that doesn’t sway you towards being pro-Flat Sheet, many European countries like to only use flat sheets and skip the rest during the Summer. This definitely sounds like the type of Summer living I want to partake in. Less to wash and a cooler bed on hot Summer days!
From my 10+ years in the bedding world, I always thought I had the right answer. I’ve told everyone a Flat Sheet was not debatable and guess what, I still feel the same. Sure you can save a minute in the morning while making your bed, but is it ever worth not coming home to a perfect looking bed? In this world of constantly striving for excellence and never “settling”, don’t let the place you start your day and end in be where you settle. Am I crazy and alone in thinking this way? Maybe…
Luckily, you don’t have to worry! We still sell our Flat Sheets separate. So whether you’re looking to match the bedding, mix up colors or just don’t do Flat Sheets, you get the final decision. With the decision in your hands, let me know how you prefer your
perfect bed!
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Relax & Unwind in NYC

Last Thursday we had the first in our series of Relax & Unwind events in Manhattan! 
Saks 5th Avenue was nice enough to give us a space in their brand new well-ness center, The Wellery.  The first-of-its-kind space, where guests can find more than 16,000 square feet of immersive experiences dedicated to wellness. The store has dedicated an entire floor to athleisure-focused shops and offerings like workout classes, salt rooms, brow bar, and even vitamin guru services. 

As everyone started to arrive we sipped on SOUND Sparkling Tea and MONK Drinking Botanicals. We mixed and mingled with the many influencers that joined us for the day such as Marisel Salazar - @breadbutternycand Sarah Ashley - @salthousemrktMegan Collins - @stylegf, and Catherine Cuello - @greenhopping

John-Paul San Pedro- @jpsdesign

Tara Burns - @taraleighburns

After tea Loomstead's founder Sam Leiaghat spoke briefly and introduced the effervescent, Sah D'Simone who then led us in meditation and breathing exercises. These exercises help to calm, relax, and reduce stress. Hopefully eventually aiding in getting a good night's sleep! 

Afterwards everyone was invited to take home the Loomstead Egyptian-cotton euro shams they had been using to meditate on. 
We had such a lovely time at the event and in NYC! We are looking forward to hosting many more! 

Sah D'Simone - @sahdsimone


Make sure to sign up for our Newsletter on our website to be notified of future events. 



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A Walk On Water + Loomstead

Last Saturday we had the utmost honor of participating in our first event with the organization A Walk On Water

A WALK ON WATER provides water therapy through guided surf instruction to special needs children.  Surfing is used as a tool to gain self confidence skills and promote the therapeutic benefits of the sport’s positive effects.  Children experience the true “stoke” of surfing and a sense of accomplishment as family and friends cheer them on from the beach.  Brothers and sisters also participate, helping to solidify an often strained bond between siblings.  Our surf events focus on both the athletes and their families, who are treated to a well-deserved day of relaxation, healthy food and lifestyle guidance.

We arrived at the beach at 7:30am on a chilly morning to help set up. Today there would be around 80 volunteers helping AWOW take approximately 60 children or "athletes" surfing.

The surf team is headed by longtime Malibu surfer Steven Lippman, who is President of AWOW and a renowned photographer.


I was designated to the water safety team where I spent the day getting the kids comfortable in the water and catching anyone who fell off their board or just needed a little help swimming in the ocean waves. 

These kids and athletes were absolutely fearless! I was so impressed with their efforts and attitudes.  You could see in many of the parents faces how much this time and surf therapy meant to them. 

The Surfer Therapy dog, Haole was a big hit and so fun to see surfing on his own board!

A Walk On Water puts on about 6 of these events a year with the next one being November 11th in Malibu. Spectators are always welcome to come and cheer everyone on! If you would like to volunteer yourself you can find information on that HERE.


All images by Trevor Pikhart

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Let's get Super Chunky!

We'd like to introduce you to our newest cozy friend, the Super Chunky Throw! 
Recently Stylecaster mentioned us as one of the 10 Luxury Throws to Buy This Season!
Our Super Chunky throw is hand knit and oversized. It adds big, bold texture and warmth to any bedroom or home.  Super soft and never scratchy, you'll want to cuddle up with the Super Chunky Throw all night and all day!
It comes in two colors; Taupe with a Graphite stripe OR Graphite with a Silver stripe. 
Snuggle up with your own this Fall!
Also coming later this October our Waffle throw!
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