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Plants That Actually Help You Sleep!

Getting the right amount of sleep is crucial to living a positive life, and we as human beings are always willing to go above and beyond if it means we can feel a little more recharged in the morning. Besides luxurious linens to sleep in, your bedroom surroundings play a huge role in your perfect night of sleep. Today’s blog post is all about some great plants for the bedroom! And although the thought of new plants may have you concerned about budget, these are all reasonably priced options and accessible to find at your local nursery. Below is a summary of each plant and its benefits, you may be surprised at what you find. Comment below if you have any favorite plants for the bedroom that are not listed here!

Lavender: This one probably seems like an obvious one, but did you know that the aroma of lavender is so therapeutic that it can actually help lower blood pressure and stress levels? If you're looking for low maintenance that smells amazing this may be your best bet, It’s also a great plant to set along your bedside table as decoration, can you say getting two things done at the same time? Yes!

Snake Plant: Another familiar house plant that you may see around, but were not aware of its health benefits is the snake plant. This plant helps you breathe specifically at night because it converts carbon dioxide to oxygen (most plants only do so during the day). Another perk, is that the snake plant thrives in low light, making it another winner when it comes to low maintenance and dimly lit rooms.

Aloe Vera: Commonly used to cure sunburns, aloe vera is also a great decor item when it comes to sprucing up your home. Aloe vera is known as the super succulent, much like the snake plant it helps purify the air in which you breathe, it also reproduces quickly when taken care of properly (this plant needs lots of light and water) you could soon have little aloe plants popping up all over your home purifying the air you breathe and being a staple piece in your home, yes you really can have it all.


English Ivy: English ivy is becoming a popular plant used as decor in homes, either outside or inside this plant can thrive in cold and low light situations. Many people like this plant because it stays green all year and makes an attractive ground cover for gardens. Did you know that english ivy also has medicinal properties along with being a statement piece? The saponin components in ivy leaf extracts make breathing easier by loosening up mucus so it clears out faster, thus increasing production and secretion liquid film for oxygen exchange, sounds like a good trade off to me.

Gardenia: Gardenias are a popular flower when it comes to bedroom decor, with its delicate white petals and glossy green leaves it can fit into most design plans. Gardenia flowers are known for their amazing aroma, but did you know that gardenias also help you fall asleep at night? Gardenia is an effective plant for treating insomnia, anxiety and poor sleep. So when your looking for a flower to spruce up your home but also improve your mood think about purchasing a gardenia, although they are the most tedious to care for, they do provide some amazing results.


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Why is Bamboo so amazing?

Bamboo bedding is something most people are not familiar with. When you think of bedding, you typically think Cotton, Linen and Silk. Times have changed and it is important to keep up on all that is new! We want to introduce you to Bamboo, the new and cool bedding. Bamboo is eco-friendly and sustainable, it’s grown without harmful chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides. Bamboo is not only one of the fastest growing plants, but it also does not need the typical fertilizers and pesticides that other plants do.

Similar to linen, bamboo bedding is hypoallergenic. This is great for people with allergies or people who are sensitive to chemicals in their fabrics. The fact that bamboo bedding is hypoallergenic and also breathable should be enough to seal the deal on buying a set today, but we haven’t even mentioned our favorite quality about it. Bamboo is INCREDIBLY soft! Most people cannot believe the level of comfort they experience when getting under a bamboo duvet or jumping into some fresh bamboo sheets. Also do not worry about only using your bamboo sheets for one season, they are very versatile and easily works with any season. 

For our customers who have come into our bedding shop in Culver City, CA, just the simple touch of our bamboo sheets or duvets is all it takes to convince them to buy it. With selling online, we aren’t able to share that amazing feeling with you here, but we do offer swatches of our fabrics which can help. It is safe to say that almost everyone who has bought a set of the Bamboo has loved it and came back for more. So with all this information about Bamboo and just how incredible soft and breathable it is, what will be your bedding pick? We hope you give bamboo a try, it’s great on its own and also fun to layer with the cotton or linen Loomstead bedding you already have!

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Last Minute Spring Cleaning

With summer officially starting in less than one month, it’s time to finally start that spring cleaning. Of all the rooms in your home, the bedroom is where you end your day and start it, so this is the room that needs your attention. Check out our quick tip bedroom guide for an easy to accomplish Spring Cleaning.

First let’s start with the most important thing, your bed. Collect your duvet cover, sheets, throws, pillow covers, comforter and bed skirt. You’ll definitely want to check your care labels and then wash accordingly. While hanging around waiting for the laundry, try rotating your mattress. It’s recommended to flip or rotate a mattress every 3-12 months, but you can look up your mattress company’s website for a better timeline.

Avoid being a hoarder. While spring cleaning is a great time to clean all your bedding and rotate that mattress, don’t forget about the rest of your room. Grab that vacuum, some cleaning products and a trash bag. Let’s get rid of the unnecessary things. Spring cleaning is a great time to fill a bag with things that are no longer your style. You can place them in a bag and donate them or sell them to the local thrift shop. When the closet is a little less cramped, make sure to get all over your room with those cleaning supplies. Since this is your bedroom, we recommend using natural and organic cleaning products.

Now that your room is looking clean and less cluttered, let’s do some inspecting before putting all the covers back on your bed. If those pillows are over 6 months old, take a close look and make sure they are still looking new. Have you heard of the fold test? For down filled pillows, fold the pillow in half and then let it go. You should see it slowly go back to its normal shape. For Down alternative pillows, fold it in half and the pillow should spring back quickly. Memory foam pillows are a bit tougher with the folding test. Some other ways to tell if it’s time for a new pillow are if it has a mildew scent, is clumpy or is over 18 months old.

Mission Accomplished! With summer around the corner, you can be confident your bedroom will be ready for the season change. We hope the bedroom cleaning inspires a full home spring cleaning, but at least you know you got the most important part done. If you’ve read this post and feel like it’s time for a bedding change, summer is definitely the season for linen. Go check out some new linen sheets and duvet covers on Loomstead today!

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Wanderlust Event

Last week, we had another one of our wonderful Relax & Unwind events! At these events we bring together friends, ambassadors, influencers, and press for an amazingly fun and relaxing day.  
The purpose of this event was for each person in attendance to take back one thing that could help them have a more relaxing time going to bed or an easier time getting up in the morning. In our busy lives, it's important to learn how to create a calm headspace, sleep better, and deal with our stresses in a healthy way, hence we call our events Relax & Unwind. 
This time we partnered up with Wanderlust HollywoodWanderlust is a beautiful space and community of like-minded Yogis that hold many events from "concerts to nutrition, meditation to film screenings, wine tastings to kombucha making" 
We started out our morning with a lovely yoga session taught by Luna Pierson. Followed by a delicious and healthy brunch of gluten free waffles, avo toast, organic fruits, coffee & OJ made in Wanderlust's very own cafe. 
We ended the event with a raffle where we gave away a Bamboo Sheet Set, a Bamboo Duvet Set, and also a year long membership to Wanderlust
It was a beautiful event with a wonderful group of people. 
For information on how to attend our next event, contact help@loomstead.com or follow us on social media - @LOOMSTEAD


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Flat Sheet or No Sheet??
That is the Question!

One of the most common questions I get asked is whether you need a Flat Sheet (or Top Sheet). I was always positive that Flat Sheets are absolutely necessary until I started asking around. I love the feel and comfort because it’s what I grew up using, and if hotels have them, then who’s to question the logic?
After long debates about this and trying to prove my friends wrong (yes, I have a problem with my opinions not being accepted by all…), I decided to dig deeper into the world of the Internet. The google search phrase was “should I use a flat sheet?” This opened up a vast array of debates and answers which proved that there is not a simple answer. It seems to be an ongoing argument for years, decades or maybe even since the first bed was ever made! My friends find it tedious and just one more item to throw in the wash. But with many apartments and newer homes, you do have the luxury of a washing machine in your room or at least close by, so that does help.
However, there are many opinions that validated my argument on needing a flat sheet. FIRST, it adds a bit of coziness for chillier nights since it’s an extra layer. SECOND, it helps keep the top bedding cleaner. AND THIRD, it finishes the bed off in a very stylish way. If that doesn’t sway you towards being pro-Flat Sheet, many European countries like to only use flat sheets and skip the rest during the Summer. This definitely sounds like the type of Summer living I want to partake in. Less to wash and a cooler bed on hot Summer days!
From my 10+ years in the bedding world, I always thought I had the right answer. I’ve told everyone a Flat Sheet was not debatable and guess what, I still feel the same. Sure you can save a minute in the morning while making your bed, but is it ever worth not coming home to a perfect looking bed? In this world of constantly striving for excellence and never “settling”, don’t let the place you start your day and end in be where you settle. Am I crazy and alone in thinking this way? Maybe…
Luckily, you don’t have to worry! We still sell our Flat Sheets separate. So whether you’re looking to match the bedding, mix up colors or just don’t do Flat Sheets, you get the final decision. With the decision in your hands, let me know how you prefer your
perfect bed!
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